Product Catalog Airtable / RapidWeaver Integration Demo

About the Demo

I developed this Web site to demonstrate how you can create Web sites using RapidWeaver that include data stored in Airtable.

The RapidWeaver project includes custom PHP code that makes calls to Airtable's API to retrieve the product data. It then takes the data that is received and renders it as HTML.

Here are a few details about this site...

The RapidWeaver theme being used is "Future" (a standard theme that's included with RapidWeaver).

The site uses the Stacks 3 RapidWeaver plugin by YourHead Software, the HTML Enclosure Stack and the Warehouse Image Stack by Joe Workman, and the Jet Stack by Doobox Software.

The Airtable database is based on the "Product Catalog and Orders" template. To view the data, click here.

If you have any questions or suggestions about this demo, please feel free to email me.


Tim Dietrich